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9 Oct 2022 at 21:51 Très bon comme toujours sauf que pour mon poki vous avez oublié le poulet
11 Aug 2022 at 16:09 Livré avec un temps double par rapport au temps annoncé
5 Aug 2022 at 15:32 Merci toujours très bon !
26 Jul 2022 at 8:30 Once again, one of the ingredients I selected (spinach) was replaced with another (edamame to which I am allergic) without being consulted. The quality of the good is normally good but it is not the first time this time of replacement has happened.
27 May 2022 at 13:38 Les poke bols sont bons, mais pour celui au poulet, celui-ci n'est pas assez cuit ou croustillant et la quantité n'est pas au rendez vous...
23 May 2022 at 13:25 Food/guinoa was far too salty to my taste. Would have liked fresher taste having chosen ponzu citrus sauce, and guinoa au naturel. The portion was not particularly well prepared, e.g. large junks of avocado. Delivery was good in all aspects.
21 Mar 2022 at 23:02 Very fresh and healthy
19 Mar 2022 at 1:07 Parfait
14 Mar 2022 at 23:49 There was some crispy-something on top, although it is not mentioned anywhere. It wasn't bad, but I think people should be able to check what they are going to eat. Whatever it was I hope it won't trigger any symptoms for me.